SCAA Releases July 2016 Retail Sentiment Index (RSI) Report


SCAA’s Specialty Coffee Retail Sentiment Index (RSI) is a semiannual indicator that measures coffee retailers’ degree of optimism on their own situation and the industry. The purpose is to provide data that reflects the overall sentiment and, over time, it will be used to identify trends and offer insight on the segment’s movement.

The RSI is derived from a semiannual retailer survey that consists of 11 short questions. These questions address financial conditions, workforce expansion, store expansion and outlook of the coffee industry. The results of each question reflect an index number on a scale from -100 to +100, with zero being neutral. Collectively, the indices express the composite RSI.

This report is useful to various coffee professionals across the industry. It can be most useful for companies that sell goods and services to retailers, such as equipment manufacturers, roasters, management system vendors, or smallwares companies. They will be interested not only in the broad sentiment but also the specific questions around expansion. It may also be of interest to companies in the process of drafting business plans, arranging financing or researching locations. The RSI will help in decision-making in these areas by providing an indication of the general sentiment in the marketplace.

The July 2016 report reflected an overall positive outlook, with an RSI of 58.5. You can access this report here.