Patrik Rolf Karlsson – Roasting for Competition

Patrik Rolf Karlsson – Roasting for Competition

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Patrik Rolf Karlsson began his progressive career in coffee four years ago at da Matteo, Gothenburg working under Matts W. Johansson who proclaims that in coffee “everything takes time”. Ignoring his former bosses words of wisdom Patrick has accelerated to Head of Roasting at Berlin roaster Five Elephant. Here Patrick has made it his goal to introduce new and innovative methods in his quest to be part of reshaping the idea of what a modern coffee roastery is.

Patrik has made no secret of his love for a challenge as he recently entered the Allegra competition Coffee Masters for the second consecutive year at London Coffee Festival.

In his talk, titled ‘Roasting for Competition’, Patrick begins with a bold statement claiming that There is no perfect green coffee. There is no perfect roast. There is no perfect brew. There is only a perfect combination (if only we knew what that was!)

This talk is for anyone looking to refine their cupping protocol and learn how using volume as a key variable in all practices will help to provide relevant data for long-term analysis.

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