Uppers & Downers: Celebrating the Parallels Between Craft Coffee and Craft Beer

updownBy Stephen Morrissey, SCAA

Explore the emerging world of Uppers & Downers, and discover beautiful beers made with beautiful coffee. We’ve partnered with Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting to bring some of the best breweries from around the U.S. to our show, providing attendees with a chance to sample incredible coffee beers, and learn about the unique storytelling that helps distinguish each of these craft brands and their coffee partnerships.

This special event will feature:

New Belgium

Witness an incredible sensory deconstruction of a coffee beer from one of America’s most progressive craft brewers. As a leader in traditional sour beer making and blending, New Belgium has taken an artful—and microbiological—approach to producing “Oscar™-worthy coffee,” served today on nitro. In tandem, they’re pouring the components of that process, the sour brown ale La Folie and their black lager 1554.

Spiller Park

The multi-roaster coffee bar model feels very familiar to the beer consumer, so we asked owners Dale Donchey and renowned chef Hugh Acheson to take their lineup of roasters and connect them with local brewers Creature Comforts and Wild Heavens to make something special. Additionally, our friends at KitchenAid have kindly provided grinders and their new Precision Press brewers so guests can sample the coffees used in each beer.

Toddy Bar

Get past the idea that cold brew homogenizes: explore the variety of cold brew techniques with the team from Toddy, the method of choice for so many coffee beers, and taste what happens when you steam cold brew.

Octane & Three Taverns

A long-standing beacon of great coffee and craft beer in Atlanta, Octane Coffee has partnered with Three Taverns from Decatur, GA to showcase a coffee version of their Night on Ponce IPA, something new and bespoke to Uppers & Downers.

Angry Orchard & Madcap

Longtime friend of Uppers & Downers Ryan Burk is the head cider-maker at Angry Orchard, and prepared this beautiful Coffee Cider in collaboration with Madcap Coffee: a bittersweet cider cold-steeped with organic cascara from Santa Lucia, Costa Rica.

Visit us on the show floor!

Stephen Morrissey is the Senior Creative Advisor for the Specialty Coffee Association of America.