SCAA Introduces Scientific Poster Session at Expo

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By Emma Sage, SCAA

What can you expect at the first SCAA Scientific Poster Session?

  • Make new connections
  • Advance your coffee science knowledge
  • Meet scientists
  • Learn about the most recent, compelling research going on around the world on coffee.

This year, why not take a few minutes to learn about something new? The first ever SCAA Scientific poster session will be held on Friday from 12-2 pm in the Lectures area (Building B, Level 4), and the posters will remain up for viewing until Sunday afternoon. Please join us for some coffee and good conversation!

Poster sessions are a typical component of scientific conferences, and are a good medium to quickly present research in a forum that stimulates discussion. These posters present the data and findings uncovered in research, but the poster also present an argument for the validity and importance of the research. This is your opportunity, as an attendee, to meet and interact with scientists working around the world on coffee. Let them know what is important to you! You will have a 1-on-1 audience with them as they explain their work and how it relates to the industry.

Check out this new session to browse the posters, join us for the poster session on Friday, and to meet & greet scientists, ask questions, and discuss compelling research studies. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to talk coffee with scientists, learn about current research, and make connections with scholars from around the globe. You never know what future study may result from your causal conversation with a scientist at the SCAA Expo!

Poster topics will include packaging, espresso preparation, coffee chemistry, coffee quality markers and sensory methods, coffee flavor, grinding, and roasting technology, among others. Science from at least ten countries will be represented in this session.

Emma Sage is the Science Manager for the Specialty Coffee Association of America.