Stéphane Cataldi – Managing a Micro-Roastery

Stéphane Cataldi – Managing a Micro-Roastery

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Our fourth CoLab: Paris speaker comes from closer to home in the picturesque provence of Brittany. Stéphane Cataldi has built up a wealth of experience in roasting during his 16 year journey in coffee, with Italian roots Cataldi has evolved from sourcing and roasting Monsoon Malabar in his kitchen to becoming one of the key roasters in the French coffee market. In 2009 Stéphane made the step from working in the telco world to creating Caffe Caltadi who have since won the acclaimed “Meilleur Torréfactuer de France” award and have had their coffee used successfully in several national coffee competition finals including the French Brewers Cup and the French Barista Championships. Cataldi’s most recent project has seen him invest his experience and knowledge into Hexagone Café cementing his place in the Parisian coffee scene.

Stéphane guides us through his career and explains how Caffe Cataldi have become synonymous with French coffee “firsts” such as displaying the roast date on roasted coffee and introducing Cup of Excellence accredited coffee to the somewhat traditional French coffee market.

Enjoy watching or listening to Stéphane’s advice on evolving as a coffee roaster and join in further dialogue by reading the links below.

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