S&D Brings Coffee Leaders to Re:co Symposium through Fellowship Program



Going in to its eighth year, the annual specialty coffee symposium (formerly SCAA Symposium, now Re:co Symposium) has been a place not only to explore the future possibilities of coffee by taking a look at where we are headed, but also by taking a step back to view the current state of our industry, assessing where we have been and what’s to come. The wealth of knowledge in the crowd, the amount of expertise and experience under the same roof, along with unique networking opportunities during coffee breaks and while sharing meals with industry leaders, is invaluable to all Symposium delegates. This open, energetic, inspiring, and collaborative environment is the foundation for ideas to take shape.

The Symposium Fellowship Program was created to grant access to individuals who might not otherwise be able to attend this event. Symposium Fellowship delegates come prepared to interact with others who share a high level of commitment to coffee, are curious and excited to learn more about the coffee world, and want to be connected to the newest and most relevant coffee industry information. Symposium delegates are thought leaders, business owners, decision makers, writers, academics, and skilled coffee professionals of all kinds. Delegates are committed not only to the success of their own coffee enterprise, but also to our shared success as an industry.

Joanna Furgiuele, a 2015 Symposium Fellow and the First Randy Wirth Memorial Fellow, had this to say about the experience:

The 2015 Symposium was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to have been a Fellow! The intimate environment allowed for connection and collaboration among people who typically are not together to share the same conversations in the same setting. It was an opportunity to be exposed to cutting edge research, leadership, and discussion on the most pressing issues impacting the industry. And, the passion in the venue was palpable- attendees were enthusiastic, motivated, and full of ideas. For me, it further fueled my desire to apply my skills and experience to specialty coffee, particularly in the area of sustainability.

S&D Coffee sees the importance of an event that brings a variety of people together for the intent of sharing, collaborating, and forging commitments to create value within our industry. They have generously underwritten this program again this year for the 2016 Re:co Symposium, to be held in Atlanta, GA from April 13th to 14th.

This program recognizes, guides, and values the leaders of tomorrow. The Symposium Fellowship is a critical program in promoting a sense of inclusion and opportunity to connect to other leaders in the coffee industry. Symposium Fellows are future and current leaders in specialty coffee, shaping the conversation and designing a brighter tomorrow for coffee. Last year, 20 outstanding individuals were awarded the fellowship, including a great variety of men and women who work globally in all steps of the supply chain, both at origin and in consuming markets, towards a more sustainable future for coffee. This year, S&D is offering 40 awards, which will be selected from the pool of applications that are submitted.

Fellows are chosen based on these four criteria: Does their work make specialty coffee better? Does their work improve sustainability, people’s lives, or drive the industry forward? Will Symposium expand the applicant’s work? Will the applicant contribute to the Symposium community?

Do you think you are a good candidate for the 2016 Re:co Symposium Fellowship? Please be sure to apply by January 15th!