Vital Signs: Indicators of a Healthy Market

In the latest video release from Re:co Symposium, Heather Ward, SCAA’s Research Analyst, and Ben Pitts, Vice President of Food Service & Hospitality for Royal Cup Coffee, give a relatively consumer-focused look at the specialty coffee industry, assuring us that the vital signs of the coffee market look positive. People like–and are willing to pay for–specialty coffee, the demand for and the value of specialty coffee exists in the eyes of the consumer.

This discussion references several SCAA reports and resources, including: the Coffee Market Retail Value Report, U.S. Specialty Coffee Consumption Report, 2014 Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain, January 2015 Retail Sentiment Index (RSI), and introduces the 2015 Roaster Financial Ratio Report, which is now completed and available in the SCAA store. Learn more about these resources below:

coffee-market-overviewCoffee Market Retail Value Report 

SCAA has developed an overview of the 2013 U.S. coffee market in terms of the dollar value at retail. This analysis delves deep into the retail values at place of consumption through channels, categories and brands. There are two pages in this report–one covers the overall coffee market, and the other the specialty coffee market. This resource is complimentary to SCAA Members (Download) or $75 for Non-Members (Purchase).

us-specialty-coffee-consumptionU.S. Specialty Coffee Consumption Report

Utilizing data obtained from the NCA’s 2014 Annual Drinking Trends Study, SCAA presented an analysis of the current state of the specialty coffee market, including these key takeaways: Consumers desire more and better tasting coffee; The market share of specialty cups is now 51%, passing non-specialty for the first time; Overall trending suggests sustained momentum for specialty coffee growth in the last five years; Increase in the daily specialty coffee consumption driven by espresso based beverages; Notable weekly consumption shift towards specialty varieties. This resource is free for all members of the coffee industry (Download).

2015-eco-coffe-supply-chain2014 Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain: An Illustrative Outlook

As an extension to Ric Rhinehart’s insight on the cost of a cup of coffee, SCAA has continued to dig deeper into the economics of the coffee supply chain. A survey was conducted among a select group of representative SCAA members to begin gathering the average costs that drive the overall price. SCAA’s aim was to gain an illustrative understanding of the moving pieces and paint a preliminary picture. This resource is complimentary to SCAA Members (Download) and $75 for Non-Members (Purchase).

Also, be sure to read the companion article in The Specialty Coffee Chronicle, “The Cost of a Cup of Coffee: Where Does the Money Go?“, which puts this information into context.

rsi-july-2015Retail Sentiment Index (RSI)

SCAA has developed a new economic index, measuring the specialty coffee industry’s degree of optimism at the retail level. The Retail Sentiment Index (RSI) will be used as a metric in assessing and forecasting coffee’s vigor in the retail sector. Download these reports to learn more about the specialty coffee RSI.

January’s 2015 RSI is available for SCAA Members (Download) at no cost, or for $75 for Non-Members (Purchase).

July’s 2015  RSI is also available for SCAA Members (Download) at no cost, or for $75 for Non-Members (Purchase).

roaster-financial-ratio-report2015 Roaster Financial Ratio Report

The 2015 SCAA Roaster Financial Ratio Report presents a detailed analysis based on the results of a survey that was sent out to roaster retailers and wholesalers in early 2015.

This report is designed to be a benchmarking tool to assess roasters’ financial performance (based on 2014 results) relative to other businesses. Details of the report reflect key operating data including financial ratios, sales mix data, and company profile information based on the results of the survey.

This report is available for $175 for SCAA Members or for $375 for Non-Members (Purchase).

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