Announcing New SCAA Certified Home Brewer: KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer

KKitchenAid® now offers two brewers with SCA certification

Kitchen AidKitchenAid® now offers two brewers with SCAA certification​, automating the art of pour over coffee: the Custom Pour Over Brewer offering fully programmable customization, and the newest Pour Over Coffee Brewer offering simple one-touch operation.

The KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer emulates the technique of an expert barista with a pre-infusion stage that pours just enough water to wet the coffee grounds, then pauses long enough to allow the fresh coffee to “exhale” before the final brewing stage. This technique creates the “bloom” that marks a great cup of pour over coffee, without the need to watch, wait and hover over the cup.

The brewer also boasts a carefully designed showerhead that fully saturates the fresh grounds, and an intermittent brewing cycle that mimics the natural pauses in a handmade pour over brew.

“We’re honored to have a second brewer meet the SCAA’s exacting standards for a great cup of coffee and join the short list of coffee brewers that have ever qualified as a SCAA Certified Home Brewer.  With technology that replicates the handcrafted care and incredible flavor that you enjoy in a manual pour over, this new brewer is yet another great addition to the KitchenAid craft coffee portfolio,” said Derek Ernst, Global Marketing Director for KitchenAid® Small Appliances.


– One-Touch Brewing: Easy, one-touch brew button with LED indicator light

– Progress Indicator Lights: Show each step of the brewing process, from heating the water to pouring over the coffee and then steeping

– Advanced Heating Technology: Heats the water to the optimal range of 198°F -204°F at the top of the brewer and therefore minimizes heat loss during the extraction process

– Automated Pour Over Brewing Technology: Mimics the manual pour over process delivering consistent infused flavor without the manual effort

– Minimal Heat Loss: The unique brewing technology minimizes heat loss during the brewing process

– Auto Keep Warm: Keeps coffee warm for up to an hour after brewing

– Removable Brew Basket

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