Christopher Hendon – A Taste of Physics

Chris Hendon CoLab Prague 2015

Back in May, we were very excited to hear that Tamper Tantrum had scheduled to bring Christopher Hendon to our inaugural CoLab in Prague. We were so enthusiastic about his talk there that we decided to bring him back in front of our audience at Barista Camp. That talk happened a mere 5 days ago, was recorded, and will be online sometime in the next months. Yet today, we’re happy we can share the video of Chris’s CoLab talk, which Tamper Tantrum released yesterday. Does it show that we’re really Hendon-fans?

But… Who is Christoper Hendon? If we say he is ‘that guy’ who wrote the book “Water For Coffee” together with Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, it may ring a bell or two in your heads… but Chris deserves more than just being ‘the co-author’. Christopher H. Hendon obtained his BSc. Adv. (HONS) in Monash University, Australia.  In 2015 he obtained his PhD in computational chemistry from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, and he now works as a postdoctoral scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Christopher’s interest in the coffee industry is diverse, ranging from applied physics to pure chemistry.

Chris’ talk, “A Taste of Physics”, was the last in the Tamper Tantrum line-up at CoLab: Prague, and left everyone with excitement and a (newly?) encouraged passion for scientific experiments in coffee. Featuring newly-conducted and as-yet unpublished research, Chris presented “a rollicking introduction to the world of physics through the lens of one of coffee brewing’s many variables: grinding distribution.”

Based on this talk, and the subsequent excitement of all present, we brought Chris back to Barista Camp in Riccione, where he presented on water together with Maxwell, as well as invited the entire barista community to contribute to a large-scale data set. Everyone can get involved, regardless of your participation at Camp, regardless of your skills, regardless of your membership. Let’s all contribute, and then we’ll ask Chris to present the results at one of our future events. Deal?!