Joanna Alm – Espresso: Letting the Origin Speak from the Cup

Joanna Alm Colab Prague 2015

It’s with great excitement that we’re ready to share Joanna Alm’s talk from CoLab: Prague. Joanna is the co-owner, head-roaster and green buyer for Drop Coffee in Stockholm. In addition, Joanna’s been very active on the competition front: she’s placed 3rd (2014) and 2nd (2015) at the World Coffee Roasting Championship, after having won the Swedish Roasting Championship two years in a row.

During her talk at CoLab: Prague, Joanna presented her and Drop Coffee’s vision to focus on showcasing flavours that are inherently present in the quality of green bean, and dependant on the coffee’s origin. She presents a strong argument for moving away from roasting for brew method, to rather roasting to bring out the maximum taste potential of each coffee, for moving away from blends, to letting each coffee speak for itself. Joanna’s talk is also a huge encouragement for baristas and other businesses to determine a vision and values, and stick to them!

Her ideas raised a good amount of discussion and questions from the audience, as you’d expect for someone with such a bold and strong vision, as Joanna’s. A very inspiring talk!