Adam Neubauer – Barista As Psychologist

Adam Neubauer CoLab Prague 2015

Next in our series of videos of speakers from CoLab: Prague, we have Adam Neubauer. Adam is the head barista at EMA Espresso Bar in Prague, and reached the 2015 WBC semi-finals after previously having won the Czech championships.

Adam’s talk focuses on the role a Barista has in a cafe, and more specifically on the psychological aspect of it.  We agree with Tamper Tantrum this talk is a must-watch for any barista: “[Adam’s talk] is an incredibly engaging exploration of how concepts from the field of psychology can be used to improve baristas skills as well as customer experience. Covering studies from psychology heavy-weights Lieberman and Seligman as well as those more directly applicable to the coffee industry (Velasco, Jones, King, and Spence), this is a talk you won’t want to miss, particularly if you spend any time behind bar!”

As always, we are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas in the comment section of this post. Do you ever feel like you’re a psychologist while steaming milk? How do you read and engage with your customers?