Chahan Yeretzian – On Water, Freshness, and Extraction

On May 21-23, 2015, the first CoLab in Prague took place – during 3 days baristas gathered in Prague to share ideas over coffee and food, discover the city and its bursting coffee scene, and to get inspired by talks and discussions. BGE worked together with Tamper Tantrum to bring 6 speakers to the stage. We’re very excited to be sharing these talks online with you over the next weeks, and have the first one ready for you!

As the Head of Analytical and Physical Chemistry at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences as well as the chair of SCAE’s research committeeChahan Yeretzian has launched the first post-graduate degree in coffee and is spearheading important and much-needed research projects in the coffee industry. At CoLab: Prague, he shed light on 3 important topics he is currently investigating: ‘Does water affect coffee flavor?’, ‘Can I measure freshness?’ and ‘How is aroma being extracted?’

We can only agree with Tamper Tantrum: “This is one talk where there is a benefit to watching it recorded: there is so much information packed into Chahan’s time on stage—we’re probably using the wrong water, only 25-30 of the 1000 volatile compounds in coffee have a recognizable flavour influence, we’re sealing our coffee bags incorrectly—that we’ll all benefit from the ability to pause and take notes so that we can absorb the information presented.”

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