Run Across Congo Held in Conjunction with First-Ever DRC Cupping Competition

RADRC-logo1-e1423247265566On Sunday, May 24, a team of nine women will embark upon Run Across Congo, seven marathons in seven days through South Kivu, in an effort to shine a light on the remarkable Congolese communities striving every day to improve their lives and build a sustainable future.

“We hope that this light will be so bright it cannot be ignored,” said Jennifer Yeatts of On the Ground Global. “We hope that lovers of coffee all around the world will stand in solidarity with Run Across Congo.”

These women will raise funds and awareness for gender equality initiatives while promoting the re-emergence of a specialty coffee industry in the coffee growing regions of eastern Congo.

saveurIn conjuction with Run Across Congo and in partnership with the Government of South Kivu and the National Coffee Organization of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the first-ever specialty coffee cupping competition in the DRC, Saveur du Kivu, will take place on June 2 and 3. The competition will utilize Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) global standards which assure global compliance to an objective, calibrated and consistent system to grade and evaluate coffees.

Coffee growing organizations throughout the DRC, who meet specialty coffee standards, are submitting coffee samples for judges and coffee buyers from around the world to evaluate. This is the first-ever objective evaluation of traceable specialty coffees grown and processed in the DRC, allowing for both growers and international buyers to taste the specialty coffee harvest from throughout the country on one table.

Partners in the Saveur du Kivu include UGEAFI, On The Ground, Eastern Congo Initiative and Twin.

Judges will include representatives from Equal Exchange, Cooperative Coffees, InterAmerican Importers, Counter Culture, Kickapoo Coffee, Blue Bottle, Peace Coffee, Twin, Thread Coffee, Heine Brothers, Amavida CoffeeHigher Grounds Trading Co., and more.