The Cupping Exchange: A Place to Share Coffee

Cupping 2By Mya Stark

Now in its fifth year, The Cupping Exchange provides Event attendees with a means to promote green coffee export offerings, compare single-origin flavor profiles, and provide a benchmark of testing different roasting systems.

Most importantly, the Exchange conforms to all the stringent technical requirements of an SCAA-certified cupping lab—something it’s not always possible to achieve at a booth on the expo floor. As a result, cuppers and buyers feel at home, and don’t have to deal with any distractions while focusing on their sensory analysis—or the art of the deal. All in all, the Exchange has been an outstanding and welcome addition to The Event.

CuppingWe spoke with some enthusiastic volunteers about their experiences in the Cupping Exchange:

Amzell Mogaletti: Something that I saw that was really cool this year was that was that the first group that was doing cupping was all about supporting women in the coffee industry. They’re helping youth in the community see that it’s still cool to grow coffee, and also to make sure women’s rights are respected and that they’re treated as equals financially and socially.

Christine Ohman: I think the one thing that I really love is how it brings people together. It’s not just making those deals, it’s supporting each other in the industry, and making sure that the knowledge is available for everybody that wants to know it. Great networking too!

For those who want to participate in this opportunity, each room can be rented in 90-minute time slots. Capacity is 30 people, and audio-visual services can be added at your request for an additional fee. Contact Lisa Pacini at for more information.

Mya Stark is a journalist who has worked with SCAA for the past two years.