SCAA Partners with Roast Magazine and Pacific Bag Inc. on Roaster Research Survey

RoasterBy Heather Ward, SCAA

At SCAA, we are constantly thinking of ways to provide our members with tools to help build a successful business in specialty coffee. You are an important part of this mission—we need you to be a part of the story by telling us your story.

Recently, we have focused on the roaster segment of the industry, in partnership with Pacific Bag, Inc. and Roast Magazine, to produce the 2015 Roaster Research Report. We are working with Industry Insights, an outside market research firm, to develop and execute the roaster research survey.

Our main objectives in this study are to determine market size of the roaster segment, find challenges roasters are currently facing, and provide comparative benchmark information against which roasters can compare their financial performance statistics.

The survey is designed to increase our awareness of how the roaster segment of the specialty coffee market is performing. To reach this awareness, your participation by answering questions regarding financial operating metrics, information on human resources, advertising/marketing efforts and best practices would be of great value. We understand the information requested is sensitive and private, but we want to assure you responses will be kept in strict confidence by Industry Insights. No individual company responses will be shared with SCAA or any other person or organization. Industry Insights has provided a statement of confidentiality and non-disclosure for the study, which can be found here.

We would like to invite roaster wholesalers and retailers to participate in the Roaster Research Survey. All respondents to the survey will receive a full industry-wide report and a company performance report (CPR).

The full industry-wide report will include comparative financial ratios and company statistics of respondents based on key data segments, such as: all respondents, profitability, net sales, full-time equivalent employees, and any other data aggregation deemed relevant. The company performance reports (CPR) are confidential, individualized reports of a participant’s own financial ratios, operating statistics, and profile characteristics shown alongside the appropriate industry comparatives (i.e., all respondents, profitability, net sales, FTEs, etc.).

These reports provide respondents an easy means for interpreting their results; since their own ratios are already calculated for them in a manner that is consistent with the industry calculations. Additionally, the Company Performance Reports will include a “Report Card” which will essentially “grade” your company on key ratios using the quartiles as benchmarks. The Report Card will focus on the key operating ratios and will provide actionable feedback on the success and/or improvement areas for each respondent.

The survey can be found online here.

The online form has “save and return” functionality to allow you to start the survey, save what you have completed, and return later to finish. To ensure timely results, please complete the survey by April 24th, 2015.

We look forward to your involvement.

Heather Ward is the Research Analyst for the Specialty Coffee Association of America.