Roasters Guild Offers Benefits to Members

IMG_8916By Joe Marrocco, Café Imports

Many times the question is posed to us in the Roasters Guild, “Why should I join?” It is tempting to conjure a canned list of benefits doled out upon receipt of annual dues. This paints a picture of a very bleak future for our roasting community.

For many within our community, the benefits from RG involvement have gone far beyond what I can put in an article or a marketing campaign.

The cliché we hear over and over is, “You will get out of it what you put into it.” There is a nugget of truth within this. If you just join, pay your dues, and wait for the benefits to manifest, you will be disappointed.

Conversely, if you come to the Roasters Guild with excited anticipation, the desire to lead through serving the community, a hunger for new perspectives, and the willingness to share your ideas, successes, and failures, you will walk away with far more than you put into it.

The benefits I’ve found include friendships that have been forged for a lifetime. I am more well-rounded as a professional, not just a roaster. I have people I can call on for insights on my equipment, roasting, business questions—the list goes on. I have the opportunity to develop new programs, protocols, and tools for the next generation.

Joining the Guild is an opportunity to plug into the energy source that will propel our industry into the future.

Why should you join? Without you we are less than we could be. Come and be a part of it. Visit to learn more, or come visit us at the membership booth in the Skybridge Lobby at The SCAA Event.

Joe Marrocco of Café Imports is a member of the Roasters Guild Executive Council and sits on the membership committee.