Coffee Talk: La Golondrina

La Golondrina
By Danny Pinnell, SCAA

The 27th Annual Event is quickly approaching, and that means we’re busy, busy, busy here in the office. Although our weekly staff meeting was entirely devoted to The Event, we set aside some time for our treasured weekly coffee talk, this time more of a meditation.

Peter Giuliano began with a recollection of his days working with Counter Culture Coffee and the La Golondrina coffee that he worked on (which he generously served us during the meeting).

This coffee didn’t get its name from a person, place, or coffee farm. La Golondrina, or “the swallow,” got its name from a song.

Quisiera ser la golondrina
Para cruzar la frontera
Para llegar a donde estás
Y darte mi vida

Which translates to:

I wish I was a swallow
So that I could cross the border
To get where you are
And give you my life

“The reason we called it this name is because we liked this image of a bird that crosses borders and brings messages from one person to another,” Peter told us. “That’s what coffee can do. Coffee can bring us closer together. Coffee producers in Colombia, where this coffee is from, the rest of Latin America, Asia, and Africa.”

“I wanted to share that little meditation because that’s what we’re working on today. We’re working on the point at which all these people that are connected by coffee can come together and see each other’s faces in [less than] a month’s time. And that’s joyful work.”