launches Coffee Marketplace Concept on Kickstarter

Crema Portfolio PhotoSpecialty roasters are producing some exceptional coffee, but it can be hard for coffee drinkers to get their hands on. The stuff on grocery store shelves was roasted who-knows-how-long ago, and many people live too far from their favorite roaster or cafe to always buy locally. is setting out to solve that problem by being the online marketplace for single-origin coffee. Specialty roasters list their coffees for sale, and then coffee drinkers can explore the world of single-origin coffee by geography, roast, taste, etc., and buy coffees directly from roasters by adding their selections to a personal “Brewlist” – essentially a Netflix queue for coffee.

“We believe coffee becomes all the more enjoyable when you get to know the people who grew it,” says’s founder, Tyler Tate. “That’s why we’re making it a priority to tell the coffee grower’s story, and partner with roasters who pay growers better-than-fairtrade prices.” recently announced a Kickstarter campaign at CoffeeCon in New York. If you like delicious, freshly-roasted single-origin coffee, please back the project!