Non-Dairy Products Designed for Professional Baristas: Pacific Barista Series™

Pacific-Latte-PourMilk is quickly becoming a hot topic in the specialty coffee community. At SCAA’s last Symposium, milk was in the spotlight as part of a general focus on consumer experience. Between lattes, cappuccinos, and cortados, what barista doesn’t spend a big part of his or her day using milk to craft quality beverages for their guests?

Yet, not all consumers can–or want to–digest cow’s milk with their coffee drinks. Thankfully, one alternative milk manufacturer with a deep understanding of our industry has put an incredible amount of thought and care into making products just for us, with the participation of a “dream team” of coffee insiders. These are Pacific Barista Series™ Almond and Soy – and soon to be introduced Coconut. Pacific Foods’ Debra Kaminski gathered local Portland, Oregon-based coffee stars spearheaded by Devin Chapman (then of Coava, now with Verve) and Nathanael May (now Director of Coffee for Portland Roasting) to work closely with Pacific Foods on every aspect of the taste and performance of the Almond introduced last year. Even in each photo on the packaging, the latte art was poured by seasoned professionals.

CoconutPacific enlisted many of the same baristas, as well as others of the “best palates in Portland” to help them develop Pacific Barista Series™ Coconut, to be launched next month at the SCAA Event.

“That is indicative of Pacific’s attitude towards coffee,” said Jackson Ramone, (then barista and trainer at Public Domain, now with Cogent Coffee), who worked on the Almond project. “They respect it from both a business and cultural standpoint, and are really making an effort to gear their products towards what we want, trust that what we want is for the good of our customers, and therefore them in the end. But beyond simply listening to what we have to say, they really try to understand why we are saying it.”

“Milk alternatives are interesting and our consumers’ opinions of them are constantly changing,” continued Ramone. Pacific is working to expand its line and “it is exciting that soon we’ll have an even wider array of choices from which we can choose to best serve our clientele. And I’ll be proud to know that when a new nut or plant product comes out and behaves like milk and tastes lovely, that I had a hand in it.”

Pacific-Barista-Pose2Pacific Foods understands the barista’s passion for quality ingredients. Barista Series™ products were created based on feedback from baristas, becoming the most trusted barista-inspired line available. Barista Series™ beverages offer the versatility baristas demand without sacrificing the freshness or flavor that their customers expect, making it easy and affordable to provide the highest-quality beverage options.

Barista Series™ non-dairy products are designed for professional baristas to help serve beverages that demonstrate craftsmanship and quality to customers who order non-dairy.

Lior Yanay, COO of Aroma Espresso Bar, said, “It is the first time that I was able to make foam with almond milk that was not completely bubbly, and by far, I got with this formula the best foam so far.”

About Pacific Foods

Founded in 1987 in Tualatin, Ore., Pacific Foods is dedicated to simple ingredients cultivated through sustainable practices, and making products that nourish and increase access to healthy, wholesome foods. For Pacific Foods, it all starts and ends with ingredients from farmers and suppliers who share high standards of quality, tracking every ingredient to ensure food safety and traceability, sourcing as close to home as possible, and sustainable agricultural and manufacturing practices that minimize the impact on the earth.

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