Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Connections


STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International is now the leading-circulation magazine for the tea and coffee industries globally. STiR’s editorial team brings you all the latest trends, sourcing, and markets for the vast range of tea and coffee industrial and retail products worldwide. STiR Tea & Coffee also brings to readers regular profiles and updates on all the equipment, machinery, supplies, and services required to bring quality tea and coffee products to the marketplace. STiR also reports on the world’s dynamic tea and coffee service industries.

For advertisers, no matter what segment of the industry you are trying to reach, or what region of the world, STiR Tea & Coffee Industry International offers the most cost-effective way to deliver your advertising (and editorial message) to the widest possible global audience.

To subscribe to STiR, e-mail us at info@stir-tea-coffee.com and mention SCAA for a special member discount. To advertise, please get in touch with our sales director at edl@octobermultimedia.com.