Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Technology


HARIO “the King of Glass” is a manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan that specializes in heat resistant borosilicate glass. HARIO first began as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment in 1921. The skills and techniques learned from creating these precision scientific tools have been applied to the production of HARIO’s coffee and tea brewing equipment. As a company that now exports to over 70 countries, the corporate mission is to help create a healthy and rich life for everyone around the world. With the HARIO V60 dripper already popular among the world’s coffee enthusiasts, the rapid-cooling V60 Ice Coffee Maker (VIC-02B) is highly recommended for a fast cup of pourover style iced coffee. Refreshing and uplifting, the rich flavors of your favorite coffee can be enjoyed on a hot day.

For more information about HARIO products, please visit our website: hario.jp/contact