New SCAA Certified Home Brewer Joins the Family


We’re pleased to announce the arrival of a new home brewer on the scene for those seeking ultimate coffee extraction quality at home: the Brazen Plus Customizable Temperature Control Brew System from Behmor. The Brazen Plus is the first brewer to achieve this certification under SCAA’s updated testing requirements.

The brewer is the result of a singular vision: Joe Behm, founder of Behmor, Inc and Engineer for the Brazen Plus, believed that coffee brewing consumers need some of the specifications and better brewing quality associated with commercial coffee-brewing equipment. Joe set out to create a consumer coffee brewer that was unparalleled in features that lead to superior brewing quality. It wasn’t enough to include temperature control from 190F-210F. It wasn’t enough to include an oversized showerhead and pulsed water flow for better grounds saturation and extraction. More features like pre-soak to allow fresh coffees to bloom as in a manual pourover, an oversized coffee basket for heavier coffee loading, and temperature calibration for those that don’t live at sea level complete the picture. It’s evident that no effort has been spared to bring precision brewing quality and customization to the home consumer.

Todd Larrabee from Behmor had this to say about their quest for SCAA certification: “The SCAA is at the center of specialty coffee. The industry and aware consumers pay close attention to the topics and certifications that SCAA tackles. Having the Brazen Plus be SCAA Home Brewer Certified puts our brewer in the very elite page with only 4 other consumer machines.”

The Specs

Capacity: 1.2 Liter, 40oz, 8 5oz cups

Temperature Control: Set brewing temperature from 190F- 210F (88C-99C)

Programmable Brew Start Time: Wake up to coffee with timed brew setting

Ideal Coffee Extraction: Coffee grounds are fully saturated due to oversized showerhead and pulsing of the water flow.

SCAA Certified for brewing quality based on specialty coffee industry standards (Specialty Coffee Association of America)

Elevation calibration: Adjust your brew temperature based on elevation to achieve a hot cup of coffee regardless of how far above sea level.

Memory save: Settings remain, even if the power goes out.

Sleep mode: Saves power when not in use