SCAA Volunteer Highlight: Spencer Turer

Spencer Turer - Coffee Analysts

Name: Spencer Turer
Title: Vice President
Company: Coffee Analysts

How long have you been volunteering for SCAA? In 2000 I joined an SCAA committee and have volunteered on a committee every year since. Today, I am Chairman of the Technical Edit and Peer Review Committee and a member of the Technical Standards committee

What was the first SCAA event you volunteered for and what were your duties?  The 2002 SCAA Event in Anaheim, California when all the members of the Roasters Guild Executive Council were instructors for roaster classes and presenters for roasting seminars. It was a very exciting time for the development of specialized classes with a focus on coffee career development.

What is your current volunteer role and what are your other duties in Seattle 2014?. In Seattle I will be a station instructor for several sensory/cupping classes—I prefer to volunteer as a station instructor to work directly with specialty coffee professionals at the cupping table completing coffee analysis.

Describe your most memorable volunteering experience so far? After over a decade of instructing skill building classes it is very rewarding to see students’ career advancement, begin to volunteer as lead instructors or competition judges and operate successful businesses. Memorable experiences happen each year when new friendships are created and old friends reconnect.

How has volunteering for SCAA influenced your coffee career? SCAA provides an amazing opportunity to build a network of specialty coffee professionals from around the world, and to develop long-lasting friendships independent of any buyer/seller or competitor relationship.