Portfolio | Issue No. 6 | Education


SCAA is Increasing Local Education Opportunities

We heard you! You want more classes throughout the year, in more locations near you—and we want to provide that. Our members have told us that access to SCAA education programs at a regional level will help reduce some of the travel-based costs associated with the current options, and we are working to widen the accessibility of our educational programs to increase local access to these programs.

We are excited to announce that SCAA education classes are now being offered through a network of SCAA Certified Teaching Labs in North America, in addition to our International Education Partners. Every SCAA class that is offered can be applied to one or more SCAA Professional Certificate Program. View a sortable class catalog here.

If you’re a student interested in taking classes through SCAA’s certified lab program, find more information about this program and learn how to find classes near you!

Visit scaa.org/find-classes