Portfolio | Issue No. 6 | Craft


Caffe Ladro originated in 1994 with a combined cafe and bakery on top of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle.  Our focus was to provide a quality cup of coffee and a venue for our neighbors to gather and forge local community relationships. Our growth began with our second cafe just down the hill, followed soon after by our locations in West Seattle and Fremont, along with a move for our expanding scratch bakery. By late 2011, we launched Ladro Roasting and, concurrently, our Ladro coffee wholesale program.

Our goal now is to trace our coffees all the way from their farms of origin, through production, and to the hands of the consumer. Roasting for ourselves enables us to control all aspects of our coffee production, from the content of our blends and roast levels for each coffee, to the sales and distribution of our coffees. Most important to us, though, is the ability to tell the story of the coffee and the people who spend their lives working to put it in our hands. The best way we know to do this is to travel to the farms, create relationships with coffee farmers, and share those experiences with our customers.

It’s been a very exciting few years for Ladro and we’ve got a lot more on the way.

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