Perspectives | The 26th Annual SCAA Event


Our attendees, exhibitors, and volunteers are the lifeblood of The Event, and we wanted to bring you, in their own words, their experiences and advice on attending. You’ll hear from members from all corners of the coffee world, from farmers to baristas to nonprofits, and get an idea of what you can get out of the show no matter what part of coffee’s complex supply chain you call your own.

A common theme in many of their tales is the idea that “you get out of The Event what you put in.” This reaches beyond coming prepared with a list of what you want to see and do (although that is an important tip!). Many of our members will speak about the importance of engagement in this gathering of our community by finding ways to be of service. Whether that’s volunteering, listening face-to-face to the perspective of a farm worker from a faraway coffee land, or joining in the JavaJog to raise money for women coffee producers in the Congo, The Event provides a wealth of opportunities to deepen our connections with the colleagues we may only contact by phone and email all year, through meaningful activity together.

You’ll also get some important information about how to access information about the schedule, class lists, and what else is going on at The Event—this year, in a format change for the Chronicle, we won’t be printing that info in favor of keeping it live and up-to-the-minute via the new mobile Event app and online.

The contributors are listed here for easy reference:

Bronwen Serna | Barista Perspective | Getting Involved at The Event

Marcus Young | Roaster-Retailer Perspective | Connect, Learn, Discover

Nathanael May | Roaster-Retailer Perspective | Getting the Most out of The Event

Mike McKim | Roaster Perspective | Going Places? Start Here

Rob Stephen | QC Professional’s Perspective | Network, Learn and Share at The Event

Joe Marrocco | Importer Perspective | Creating a Common Language of Service

Miguel Zamora | Farmer Perspective | The Producer Experience at The Event

Brant Curtis | Exhibitor Perspective | Big Fish in a Small Pond: Be Seen at Expo

Joyce Klassen | Exhibitor Perspective | Making Connections, Closing the Loop

Kristina Morris Heredia | Associate Perspective | Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Attend The Event

Kimberly Easson | Associate Perspective | Celebrate, Connect and Contribute! Doing Good at Expo