Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Collaborative Design

The LINO Collection presents the optimal marriage of design and function at both the commercial and consumer levels. Subtly ergonomic and biomorphic, the ceramic vessels in this family were designed with and for world-renowned baristas based on an empirical methodology. Each piece was rigorously tested for functionality inside and out.

The interior curvature of each vessel was designed to provide the best fluid dynamics for the perfect pour, while also accommodating the drinker’s nose to inhale the aroma. The thick cup bottoms retain heat while the rims have great mouth feel. The handles provide a natural resting place for the thumb to effortlessly balance the cup. The latest addition to the family is the double-walled laboratory-grade GINO glass brewer that fits the LINO mug perfectly and highlights the coffee extraction process.

Each vessel functionally supports the barista’s art and provides a delightful coffee experience.