2014 SCAA Board of Directors Nominations Now Being Accepted

2014 SCAA Board of Directors

Call for Recommendations to the Nominating Committee

Recommendations must be received by September 12, 2013

Recommendations to the Nominating Committee for the SCAA Board of Directors for 2014 are now being accepted. The Nominating Committee will be evaluating candidates and creating an election slate for the following:

Directors: Four Seats
Officer Positions: Second Vice-President

All SCAA members are encouraged to submit names of candidates (or themselves) who would make a valuable contribution to the SCAA by serving on the Board of Directors. In addition to completing the recommendation form, please feel free to submit up to 100 words describing, in your view, the nominee’s qualifications.

If you wish to nominate someone for consideration, please review these guidelines:

• All Directors shall be elected to serve terms of two years, except that those Directors who are also officers shall continue to serve as Directors while they serve their terms in their respective offices.

• Candidates are nominated to the SCAA Board with the intention of providing the best possible leadership and oversight of the association. The Nominating Committee shall primarily consider the individual qualifications of each Member it nominates as a Director or Officer, but shall endeavor to have each of the primary membership categories represented on the Board of Directors, and shall endeavor to have no more than three Directors serving from any one of the primary membership categories.

• Serving as a director or officer of the association is a serious task with many responsibilities and has legal as well as ethical obligations for the Director.

• A standing SCAA Director cannot be re-nominated for a 4th consecutive term as a director.

• The 2nd Vice President shall have served at least one term on the Board of Directors.

Timeline for Nominations and Elections:
• August 13, 2013: Call for recommendations to the Nominating Committee
• September 12, 2012: Deadline for recommendations to the Nominating Committee
• November 19, 2013: Slate is published at scaa.org/chronicle
• January 7, 2014: Deadline for petition candidates to be added to the ballot
• February 19, 2014: Ballots are distributed to eligible voting members.
• March 22, 2014: Ballots are due, voting closes
• April 2014: Election results are announced

To submit a recommendation to the Nominating Committee, please click here.

To learn more about the election process, SCAA Bylaws can be viewed here.