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nativaNatvia’s mission is to change lives not just satisfy a craving.

What makes this product better than any other sweetener? We’re glad you asked. Natvia’s blend of natural ingredients, yes that’s right, 100 per cent natural ingredients will seduce the palates of coffee and tea lovers world wide. Why? Because Natvia was uniquely crafted to compliment coffee.

What else? Lets talk about why diabetics and health conscious consumers love Natvia. They love Natvia for it’s taste and low calories – with only 0.4 calories per teaspoon. Lets compare that to sugar, which gets a bad rap for having 16 calories per teaspoon. It gets better – you can replace Natvia for sugar, spoon for spoon.

Natvia’s passion for coffee sprinkles way past the mug, Natvia supports the World Barista Championships and has done so since it’s birth.

Baristas love Natvia because they enjoy the benefit of being able to serve a 100% natural sweetener and they themselves enjoy a better alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Learn more at www.natvia.com