USBC Origin Trip Sponsor Cafe Imports Confirms Kenya as Destination

We were excited to receive this message today from the United States Barista Championship (USBC) Origin Trip Sponsor Café Imports:

“Café Imports is proud to announce that we have finalized plans for the 2013 Origin Trip for the six regional barista champions, the USBC champ, and the World Barista Champion.

This is the third year we at Café Imports have been the official origin trip sponsor, and this experience has allowed us to meet some incredibly inspiring baristas, and allowed our producer partners to connect with the front lines of our industry in a way like never before.  These trips have been more rewarding than we ever could have imagined.

This year, the 2013 Barista Champions will be accompanying Café Imports to: KENYA!!!!

The trip is tentatively planned for November 2013 with our development partner on the ground, Sangana.

Good luck to all the baristas competing this weekend at the Big Central Barista Competition, and congrats to Lem Butler for already securing the 1st spot.”

To learn more about competing in a Regional Barista Competition or the United States Barista Championship, please visit

Here’s a video put together by Café Imports from the previous trip to Brazil:

Cafe Imports Barista Origin Trip 2011 Part 1: Bahia Brasil from Noah N on Vimeo.