SCAA Board of Directors Approves Slate of Candidates for 2013 Election

The SCAA Board of Directors has approved a slate of candidates as recommended by the Nominating Committee for the 2013 Board of Directors Elections. The names below are the nominees for the positions listed.

According to SCAA bylaws, additional nominees may be proposed through a petition process, excluding the office of Secretary/Treasurer (not applicable in 2013). Should any member be proposed by petition, the petition must contain signatures from a minimum of two percent (2%) of the members eligible to vote as of January 1st of the election year. The petition shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days prior to the transmittal of the ballots. All nominees qualified under the Bylaws and receiving the required number of signatures will be placed on the ballot. All candidates will be given equal access to promote their candidacy through membership mailings and by access to the membership lists. Please contact for more information.

Election Timeline

November 19, 2012 | Slate is published.
January 7, 2013 | Deadline for petition candidates to be added to the ballot.
February 11, 2013 | Ballots are distributed to eligible voting members.
March 22, 2013 | Deadline for ballots to be submitted to SCAA.
April 2013 | Election results are announced.


2nd Vice President

Tracy Allen, Brewed Behavior |  Tracy Allen is CEO of Brewed Behavior, a consultancy founded to offer comprehensive support to all segments of the coffee industry. Tracy helps his clients strategize and find solutions which best elevate quality and profits at every touch point. He works primarily with coffee roasters and producing countries to improve their efficiencies.

Tracy started his coffee career immediately after college at Procter and Gamble, with Folgers and Millstone brands. He made his true entry into specialty coffee while Director of Operations of The Roasterie in Kansas City, MO, after which he went on to become co-owner of Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Co in Seattle, WA.

As one of the original members of the U.S. Barista Championship Committee and the first chair of the Rules and Regulations committee for the World Barista Championship, Tracy has trained multiple national and regional barista champions and served as a judge and judges’ trainer for the USBC and WBC. His most recent SCAA BOD office was that of Treasurer. He is also an SCAA “Supertaster,” certified cupper, and Q-grader instructor. Most recently, Allen was recognized as the sixth member of the SCAA to receive the Mose L. Drachman Award for Outstanding Sales & Service. Visit to learn more.


Guy Burdett, President & CEO, InterAmerican Coffee |  Guy joined InterAmerican in 1988 after earning a degree in finance from Texas Tech University. He became Vice President in 1990 and in 1995 was promoted to his current position. During his more than two decades in the coffee trade, he has traveled to farms and mills in Latin America and Africa, and has been involved in sales, cupping and purchasing of top quality coffees.

While serving on the Board of Directors of the Specialty Coffee Association of America from 1994 to 1996, Guy headed SCAA’s Technical Standards Committee. During his tenure, this group of industry experts worked on establishing green coffee grading standards. He also served on SCAA’s Membership Committee.

Since joining the InterAmerican team, Guy has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to good corporate citizenship by supporting organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life for families in coffee growing communities. Under his leadership, InterAmerican was among the first companies to contribute to Coffee Kids®, and Grounds for Health, and in 2009, the company along with its parent company, the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe and its organic division, Elan Organic Coffees became a Founding Partner of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA). Guy is a current board member for Coffee Kids. InterAmerican also supports other US and Canadian social service organizations.

Skip Finley, Technical Director/Partner Dalla Corte Espresso Coffee Systems N.A. |  Skip brings over a decade of experience and support to the specialty coffee & tea beverage retailer. His knowledge of the brewing and extraction process, and technical expertise in water “formulation” systems, has contributed to the success of hundreds of establishments in our industry.

Skip started his career in the specialty coffee industry at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in 1996 as the Lead Service Technician and Brewing Equipment Specialist, with involvement in research and development. During his time at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, he was part of the team that took the store count from 20 to over 200. In 2002, Skip left Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to take a position at Cirqua as National Service Director. Promoted to Technical Director in 2006, his duties included teaching and training in the specifics of extraction in regards to water chemistry and coffee/tea worldwide. In 2012, he joined Dalla Corte Espresso Coffee Systems N.A. as the Technical Director and Partner.

Skip has been a leading educator in water quality for the SCAA for over 10 years. He is now Chair of the Standards Committee, where he has served for the SCAA for the past 9 years, a member of the NCA Education Committee and has sat on the Advisory Board for World Tea Expo. He also works closely with the Tea Association of America and is on the Board of Directors for the Specialty Tea Institute. Skip is a past Member of the SCAA Brew Crew and is a frequent content contributor for SCAA brewing courses. He has been involved with the United States Barista Championship, World Barista Championship and the Roasters Guild in various aspects over the years. Skip is also a SCAA Certified Lead Instructor (IDP), as well as a frequent speaker at various industry events.

Andrew Hetzel, Founder, CafeMakers |  In the 90′s, Mr. Hetzel started a retail marketing and training service company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company, then known as Videotronic North America, grew under his leadership to serve clients including: 3M, Aveda, Burger King, Brinker International, Calvin Klein, Hard Rock Cafes and Hotels, Hugo Boss, P&G, Skechers USA and Sears.

Selling that first venture in 2001, he relocated to Los Angeles and formed CafeMakers to pursue a lifelong personal interest in coffee. He quickly demonstrated proficiency as an marketer and educator, later developing a solid industry reputation as a coffee buyer.

Mr. Hetzel has since designed and developed operations, established green coffee buying, quality and roasting protocols and created brand marketing strategies for a diverse range of specialty coffee clientele in North America and rapidly emerging consumer markets of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Hetzel is a licensed coffee Q Grader, R Grader and program instructor for the Coffee Quality Institute, an instructor for the Specialty Coffee Association of America and was a member of the Board of Advisors for World Coffee Events Ltd., which operates the world’s preeminent coffee competitions in more than 60 countries from 2008-2012.

In recent years, he has judged numerous competitive events, including national-level coffee championships in the USA, India, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, UAE and Brazil, where he participated as a member of the 2010 Cup of Excellence Jury.

Mr. Hetzel has been quoted in press coverage by international business and consumer media, including Time Magazine, CNN, the Associated Press, the New York Times, MSNBC, BusinessWeek, Fortune Magazine and was featured by the James Beard Foundation for his work as a coffee taster and buyer.

In 2005, he relocated to the Island of Hawaii, which is his home base for consulting and training operations worldwide.

Heather Perry, Director of Training & Consulting, Klatch Coffee |  Though only thirty years of age, Heather Perry has sixteen years of experience in the coffee industry. By the age of fifteen, Heather was working behind the espresso machine and experimenting with different drinks. Since her first shot of espresso, Heather has continued to improve and hone her skills behind the bar.

Heather is the Director of Training and Consulting at the Klatch and spends much of her time training the national and international market. Using what Heather has learned from her own successful cafes, she helps customers design and launch successful cafes. Klatch Coffee was recently chosen as a new vendor for LAX, and Heather’s responsibility over the next years will be bringing great coffee to the passengers of LAX.

Most notably, Heather is a Barista Champion and currently holds several titles. The most prominent competition took place this past year in Tokyo where she took 2nd place in the World Barista Championship, the highest finish for a woman. She is also the 2003 and 2007 United States Barista Champion and 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Western Regional Champion.

Heather is considered an industry expert, and has been published by numerous trade magazines. She also works as a consultant doing such work as product development, sales force training, and is a spokesperson for Got Milk. She has also made appearances on many networks including CNN, PBS, OWN, Discovery, and the Food Network, and is the Master of Ceremonies for the World Latte Art Competition hosted by Coffee Fest. She is Past Chair of the Barista Guild of America where she helped to write curriculum for, and launch, the association’s first Barista Certification program and Barista Camp. Heather is also a Credentialed BGA Level 1 and 2 Examiner as well as Credentialed Lead Instructor.

During her time in coffee, Heather has expanded her knowledge on all aspects of the coffee industry. She is a key element in coffee cupping, roasting, and espresso blend development for Klatch Roasting. Her experience in green coffee includes dealing with farmers from throughout the world. She spends much of her time out of country where she helps coffee associations create training programs, and trains many countries in preparation for the World Barista Championship.

Heather is a graduate from Cal Poly Pomona in California where she earned a degree in International Business and Marketing.

Timothy Schilling, Executive Director, World Coffee Research  |  Dr. Schilling is the Executive Director of World Coffee Research (WCR) a non-profit, collaborative research and development program to grow, protect and enhance the supplies of quality coffee while improving the livelihoods of the families who produce it. The program is funded and driven by the global coffee industry, guided by producers, executed by coffee scientists around the world and managed by the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture of the Texas A&M University System.  The program is operating in 15 coffee producing countries where coffee quality and yields are being improved through varietal introduction and testing.  Because the effect of climate change on coffee quality and production is such a serious threat to the global supply chain, WCR has taken special care in designing and implementing state of the art research in the development of climate change resilient varieties and F1 hybrids adapted to the various coffee growing regions of the world.

Dr. Schilling is an agronomist, manager and former-researcher with strong market orientation and experience in agribusiness and cooperative development. His leadership as the Director of the USAID PEARL and SPREAD projects was crucial to the very successful entry of Rwanda into the American and European Specialty Coffee markets. This new multi-million dollar sector has doubled incomes for over 100,000 small coffee producers and has assisted the Government change the image of Rwanda in the international press. He also created Rwanda’s first Specialty Coffee roasting company, Rwanda Roasters SARL, for local sales. In addition to coffee, Schilling introduced and created the Bird’s Eye Chili pepper sector in Rwanda that is now exporting high quality, dried BEC to UK and French spice markets. He also developed and marketed Rwanda’s first fully produced, processed, packaged, and supermarket-ready food product for the French grocery chain, AUCHAMPS.

As Chief of Party for the $20M USAID SPARC project in Mali, Schilling set up the Malian Agricultural Research Planning and Funding system at Mali’s Institute of Agricultural Research, IER. The system assisted researchers focus on results that directly affect farmer production and increased revenues through linkages with markets and industry. He introduced import substitution for replacing expensive, imported French maize grits with locally produced maize grits for beer production at Mali’s National Brewery. Malian Agricultural researchers integrated with Food Technology laboratories, the Milling industry and the Brewing industry to produce an acceptable replacement the French grits and substantially less cost to the brewery but high returns to farmers.

As Associate Director of the Collaborative Research Support Program for Sorghum and Millet, Dr. Schilling gained an intimate knowledge on the workings of Universities, the U.S. Congress, USAID, and National Agricultural Institutes in African and Latin America. In addition to managing over 15 research programs in 6 different countries, Tim recruited over 100 African researchers from the SADCC countries for MS and PhD training in the US.