Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | SCAA Event

The first SCAA coffee science origin trip is designed to build an understanding of the technical, agronomic, and scientific techniques utilized at origin to advance specialty coffee. SCAA Coffee Science Manager Emma Bladyka will lead this trip, which will include lab and university settings as well as farms of varying sizes. All farm visits will be accompanied by local technical advisors or agronomists and discussion of specific scientific strategies being used to improve quality and value. This will include farms who are conducting their own research as well as institutional entities. Topics that may be covered include selection and breeding, varietal development, botany, grafting, disease prevention, pruning, fertilization and soil fertility maintenance, plant physiology, shade management, harvesting, fermentation and other processing techniques, drying, and storing specialty coffee. The Coffee Science Manager will act as the ‘science-interpreter’ as well as give daily seminars on the above topics.

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