Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Event

Barista Nation provides a grass roots forum for coffee professionals to discover and develop the necessary coffee and business skills to succeed in the specialty coffee market.  The theme for the Barista Nation LA event is Coffee and Beyond. We have a great line-up of coffee professionals and sessions for the LA event, here is a preview. The morning discovery session “Beyond the 3rd Wave” will be led by Anne Nylander from SCAA and development session of “Beyond the Basic Roast Profile” will be led by Martin Deidrich. The afternoon keynote address “Barista First and Always” will be delivered by Peter Giuliano from SCAA. The exciting afternoon development session “Beyond Espresso” will be led by two champions Michael Phillips (WBC champion) and Heather Perry (USBC champion). The day will conclude with a panel discussion, “Beyond Being a Barista” led by Ken Olson and a throw down!

Learn more at www.baristanation.com.