Portfolio | Issue No. 4 | Cool Idea

Toddy’s exclusive cold-water brewing process extracts the natural, delicious flavors of coffee and tea – ideal for iced and frozen drinks. The result: A bold, super-smooth taste that’s easier on the stomach. Toddy brewed coffee offers a rich, smooth flavor and a full bodied mouth-feel without the bitterness that can harshly overpower iced drinks. Toddy is a great brewing method for bringing out the unique flavors in your favorite roasts. Toddy’s unique cold brewing process produces a coffee extract free of the acids and oils which quickly stale. The extract stays fresh refrigerated for at least two weeks and the Toddy system can easily scale down the batch sizes to meet your needs. So there is no waste – you use all that you brew. Create your own signature drink blends with the Toddy – coffee, chai, or mate, the possibilities are endless!

For more information visit us at www.toddycafe.com.