Portfolio | Issue No. 3 (2012) | Coming Soon

The Green Guide SCAA, Green Cafe Network and the Food Service Technology Center are proud to announce a new and innovative project to guide and support café operators who want to run a greener business and reduce costs in the process.  The Green Guide is a series of digital booklets, published in modules that will cover key strategies for cafe operators in energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation, and toxics reduction.  Supported by the Sustainability Council of SCAA, a group of café operators will be involved in a pilot to test and refine the Energy Conservation module, helping to tailor the strategies specific to coffeehouses.  Once the pilot is completed, SCAA will announce the publication schedule and its plans for a broader program around the Green Guide series that includes a mechanism for measurement offered through SCAA’s START (Sustainability Tracking and Reporting Tool) and a recognition vehicle for participating cafes. The goal is to link simple, practical steps with a broader industry effort. More information will be released in the coming months at: scaa.org