SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report – Infographic


If you’re a coffeehouse retailer, the SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report is a useful benchmarking tool available to assess the state of the retail environment and industry. Developed in conjunction with the Cleveland Research Company and a participating group of specialty coffee retailers, this report observes sales and cost trends including an examination of the competitive landscape, a 12 month outlook and category and segment trends. The report also provides an insider’s view of consumer preferences broken down by category as well as big picture trends compared to other foodservice segments. There is truly no better means of understanding your business within the larger industry than through the SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report.

Our participating specialty coffee retailers receive a free copy of the report each quarter (retail value $45), and we’re currently opening this opportunity up to accept additional retailers. Your participation not only means that you’ll receive a free copy of the report each quarter, but you’ll also be contributing to more comprehensive and meaningful data outcomes. To participate you must be an operating brick and mortar retail establishment that serves coffee. To be included, please fill out our brief form below and we’ll send you the link to the next specialty coffeehouse survey.

Upcoming Participation Dates – 2012Q2 (exact dates TBD):

Survey deploys: JULY 2012

Deadline to complete: AUGUST 2012

Report is distributed: SEPTEMBER 2012