Volunteer Highlight: Miguel Vicuna, Barista Trainer of Metropolis Coffee and Aviano Coffee








Name: Miguel Vicuna

Title: Barista Trainer

Company: Metropolis Coffee and Aviano Coffee


How long have you been volunteering for the SCAA?

5 pretty sweet years.


What was the first SCAA event you volunteered for and what were your duties?

First Mountain Region Barista Competition, I helped with some AV stuff but mostly just watching and helping where ever needed and getting to know some cool barista friends.


What is your current volunteer role and what are your other duties in Portland 2012?

I am a Head Judge for USBC and will be judging at NWRBC, SWRBC, NCRBC as well as USBC. I’m a certified SCAA Instructor so you can catch me as a Station Instructor/Table Lead for some classes being offered in Portland. I’m also the BGA Mountain Region Rep and will be helping out with any BGA awesomeness happening at Expo. It’s going to be sweet!!!


Describe your most memorable volunteering experience so far?

Flying to Dubai on 3 days notice to help lead in some barista training classes and judging the 2nd U.A.E. Barista Championship with fellow volunteers Hugo Neuproler and Anne Nylander. It was a great whirlwind of fun.


How has volunteering for the SCAA influenced your coffee career?

Volunteering has opened communication and started some really great contacts and friendships with many awesome coffee professionals world wide. It’s also given me an opportunity to see coffee culture first hand across the country and world.