Volunteer Highlight: Scott Lucey, Barista Trainer of Alterra Coffee








Name: Scott Lucey
Title: Barista Trainer
Company: Alterra Coffee

How long have you been volunteering for the SCAA?

Since 2006.

What was the first SCAA event you volunteered for and what were your duties?

I was a USBC judge in Charlotte 2006.

What is your current volunteer role and what are your other duties in Portland 2012?

I’m past and filling in as interm chair for the Barista Guild of America. In Portland 2012 I will likely be instructing classes, administering certification tests, and judging in the USBC.

Describe your most memorable volunteering experience so far:

A couple of years back I was instructing a latte art class and trying to get people to learn what’s called the side-to-side technique while pouring milk into espresso. For some it’s pretty difficult, and when that’s the case I like to take a step back and make people swirl water in a class and consider how to apply that while pouring. In my class, there was someone who’s never swirled liquid in a glass, and was even having a hard time doing that. We worked on it and after a few attempts she got it, and was so thrilled with herself. It’s so inspiring to help people have breakthroughs! The look on her face told the story that she not only got the function but was also able to connect it to many other things that are similarly involved, understand lingo, and move forward with twice the enthusiasm. I tell that story a lot when training!

How has volunteering for the SCAA influenced your coffee career?

It’s helped tell the story that what I do and why I enjoy my job isn’t just a stroke of luck, but instead a small piece of a big puzzle who’s pieces are the greater population of an industry full of people doing what they do because they love quality and understand the importance of the human element that makes coffee a craft in every step of it’s development. The big picture is fascinating, and once you realize you can actually have an impact it’s quite motivating.