SCAA 2012 Special Event Lectures – Emerging Markets in Asia

During your time at The Event make sure to take advantage of all the educational lectures and presentations that will help you develop as a coffee professional. All presentations are given by respected members of the specialty coffee community and are geared toward promoting development within the trade.  This year, SCAA has implemented two Special Events Lectures that will focus on the emerging coffee markets in Asia.  To attend these special lectures, register for The Event today.

Emerging Markets in Specialty Coffee: South Korea

Picture courtesy of Kyonghee Shin, author of blog Coffee Beanwife.

The Korea Specialty Coffee market seems to be growing at lightning speed, as it continues to break its own year-over-year records in importing and consumption, including, most notably among young people. Korea imported more than US$500 million in coffee in the first 10 months of 2011 alone, far exceeding $307 million in 2010, itself more than doubling from $140 million in 2005. Increasingly, more and more of the coffee preferred by Korean consumers is Arabica, as imports from Latin America are on the rise with Robusta imports in decline. But beyond the numbers, perhaps the most astonishing element of Korean coffee culture is the sheer volume of coffee shops lining the major streets of Seoul and other cities, half-jokingly referred to in industry circles as “Seattle on steroids.”… read more 


Picture courtesy of SCAA International Education Licensing Partner: Specialty Coffee Appraisers Institute of Asia via Facebook

Emerging Markets in Specialty Coffee: Greater China

Picture courtesy of SCAA  International Education Licensing Partner  W Coffee

Comprised of the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, Greater China represents a huge opportunity for the specialty coffee industry. Coffee is not only produced in this region but it is also roasted, brewed, and enjoyed at an increasing rate. Though coffee is not a new development in this area, the concept of Specialty Coffee is beginning to pervade this vast region. With the consistent growth of new industries, an emerging middle class, cultural exports, and steady economic progress, the Greater China region has the ability to develop and influence the specialty coffee industry.  Opportunities for both foreign and domestic investment exist from seed to cup in a market that has the ability to effect the global specialty environment…read more

Picture courtesy of SCAA International Education Licensing Partner W Coffee