Safehouse Coffee Roasters Damaged in Fire, Members of the Specialty Coffee Community Rally to Support

Help support Safehouse by making a donation on EverRibbon to help them rebuild. 

If you needed more evidence that the specialty coffee community takes care of their own, it was demonstrated yet again through the acts of SCAA member Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters. Employees of the company, Daniel Thompson and Dut Goodman, drove from Atlanta to Griffin to help serve coffee for the cleanup effort. Here’s the latest news on this tragic event:

From WKEU Radio, Home of the UGA Griffin Campus

Early Monday Night units of the Griffin Fire Department, Spalding County Fire Department, Griffin Police Department, Spalding Regional Hospital, and Griffin Power responded to a huge fire at the Safe House Coffee Shop 109 South Hill Street in historic downtown Griffin. The location is directly across from the City Hall Offices, and is the location of the old Morrow Powell Building. The cause of the fire was not immediately determined. One individual told WKEU news that they heard wires arcing at the back of the building before the fire. Every fire station responded along with every fire truck to the downtown location to protect other buildings, as well as fight the blaze at 109 South Hill. Griffin Police blocked the downtown area from Taylor Street to Solomon. As the blaze broke through the roof section of the building the blaze could be seen for several blocks. Firefighters worked into the early morning hours to keep the blaze contained and protect adjacent buildings.

Posted by Dustin Goodman, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters, on EverRibbon

Safehouse Coffee Roasters is a company that speaks highly about community and the importance of it. It’s time for us to show support back to them. Safehouse is the reason I’m a part of this great community. If it wasn’t for my internship, I would. Of be in the coffee profession I am in today. So my gratitude is great for what they’ve done for this family.

On January 30th, tragedy struck at the shop. Fire, not a small one either. The store seems to have been completely gutted and it is likely that all equipment inside has been ruined. I will post more details about this as they arrive. Assumption is that it started in the very top floor of the building, which was used primarily for storage. Most likely caused from an electrical source.

Safehouse is a place that so many individuals called home and will continue to call home. A fire cannot destroy what we have, but it has destroyed the physical location. What I’m asking of you is to show your support in anyway possible. There are needs that will need to be met that range from monetary donations to a simple hug around the ones there.

I urge you to read and research more about the good that these fellows have done. You can find more information at

Coffee community, Griffin community, Human community; I urge you to support each other. Show love. Be love.

Our thoughts are overflowing for you guys.

Message from Safehouse Coffee Roasters on their Facebook page

To all of our friends and family that share in the loss of our beloved shop this evening to fire – thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. The worst site tonight was not the flames breaking through the roof of the building or the smashed in windows; it was the distraught look on the faces of those that have come to know each other within its walls. Well, before I collapse into bed I want to tell you this – Safehouse is not a building and it is not a person. Safehouse is a community of people who believe in something better for their lives and their town. So hug each other and be thankful that we can all see one another tomorrow. This fire claimed wood and metal but took no lives – not a single person was injured and so we go on. We will rebuild. We will start over with all of the experience we have gained and all of the powerful heartfelt relationships we have grown and we will all be stronger for it. Make something that counts and share it with someone – we did and not even a raging fire could destroy that. I am grateful for you all. ~ Hunt