SCAA Board Of Directors Meet With Honduran Presidential Delegates, Cabinet Members And Representatives Of IHCAFE

SCAA Announces Honduras as its Portrait Country in 2012

In a formal ceremony held in the Presidential Palace, SCAA Executive Director, Ric Rhinehart, along with the SCAA Board of Directors signed an agreement naming Honduras as the Portrait Country for the annual SCAA exposition to be held in Portland, Oregon beginning on April 19, 2012.  The President of the Republic executed the agreement on behalf of the country and also present were members of the cabinet and representatives from the coffee sector, including private exporters, cooperative leaders, and institutional representatives.  For Honduras, the initiative represents a united strategy supported by the government and inclusive of the private sector and leading institutions to strengthen its coffee sector and trading ties with the U.S.

Ric Rhinehart explained the importance of the partnership, “As demand for high quality Arabic coffees continues to rise, the commitment of Honduras represents an opportunity to build the supply chain for U.S. coffee roasters.  Honduras has great potential to improve both the quality and quantity of their coffee production”. 


Members of the SCAA Board of Directors traveled to Honduras as part of an official delegation to take part in the signing ceremony as well as meet with various institutions, organizations, and business operating in the coffee sector.  SCAA President, Tim O’Connor, remarked, “Throughout the trip, we met with senior statesmen, coffee producers, exporters, and other members of the industry.  While they each represent different perspectives and roles in the value chain they share a consistent vision of building the industry”.

The country of Honduras will be featured at the Opening Ceremonies, where the President of the Republic is expected to make an address, as well as in Symposium, in the Exposition, and a variety of special events.  Complete Exposition details are available at Questions? Call 562-624-4100 or e-mail  High resolution photos of Honduran meetings available by request.