Uganda’s Best Coffees shine at the 2012 National Taste of Harvest Competitions

The Eastern African Fine Coffees Association (EAFCA), in partnership with the Uganda Coffee Federation and the Uganda TOH Committee are pleased to announce the completion of the 2012 Taste of Harvest (ToH) Coffee Competition that was held at the UCDA Quality Lab in Kampala from 16th – 20th January 2012.

EAFCA’s ToH is the leading regional cupping competition in Eastern and Southern Africa and has become the premier event on the coffee calendars of nine member countries.  ToH provides producers, millers and exporters an opportunity to showcase their coffees and compete among themselves. While the main purpose of ToH is to identify and promote Uganda’s quality coffees, the competition has a much broader impact on the development of the national coffee sector by delivering competition, market linkages, promotion, capacity development and detailed coffee profiling for successful coffees that score 80+ points.

The event was Head Judged by Mbula Musau of the EAFCA Secretariat and Rocky Rhodes, an International Judge from Coffee Quality Institute, USA. They were supported by a team of highly qualified Arabica Q Grader and Robusta R-Grader cuppers from Uganda.

35 Uganda Arabica coffees were submitted from different regions of Uganda, and were roasted, cupped and scored using the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) internationally-recognized cupping protocol.

Arabica Top 5 (Uganda)

1. Kawacom- Sipi Bugisu SHAMBA 86.02
2. Ugacof- SL 14 Arabica Wugar 85.04
3. Bukonzo Joint CFS- Drugar 84.21
4. Great Lakes Rwenzori A+ 84.13
5. Bukonzo Joint CFS- Wugar 83.89

Arabica Top 3 (DRC)

In addition to Uganda coffees, the judges evaluated 7 coffees from Democratic Republic of Congo DRC in the first ever DRC Taste of Harvest Competition where 7 samples were entered and best three were as follows:
1. Coffee Lac-Goma North Kivu- Great Lakes 84.71
2. CAPACO, Sprl. Arabica K 4 84.68
3. Domaine de Katale, North Kivu K3 84.39

17 Ugandan Robustas submitted to the competition and were evaluated using the UCDA Robusta cupping protocol that was launched recently. The coffees were evaluated against key attributes including: fragrance/aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, uniformity, balance, clean cup, sweetness, and the overall cupper score. Information on those coffees that score above 80 will be disseminated to both EAFCA members and international buyers/importers/roasters immediately following the event.

Robusta Top 3 (Uganda)
1. Sentamu CFA Nucafe 84.35
2. Nucafe- Amach CFA FAQ 83.43
3. Bunjako Island CFA Sc. 15+ 83.05