Symposium: Inspiring New Solutions in Specialty Coffee

We invite you to join us for the 4th Annual SCAA Symposium where we will consider the new context for specialty – one where global demand for coffee outpaces production, creating new market pressures and eliciting questions about farmer incentive, margin preservation, and price resistance – and move quickly into the new ideas, solutions, and opportunities that will strengthen the industry and create an even better experience for specialty coffee drinkers.

Creating a Stronger Supply Chain

Building on previous conversations about structural challenges in the supply chain, we will continue to examine ways to strengthen the cooperative model and increase transparency through collaborative efforts. We’ll consider business benefits and risks, providing a new focus for supply chain development and sustainability.

Strategies will be presented for going beyond “green” and connecting with customers in a more meaningful way.

Building a Stronger Consumer Experience

New research about the specialty coffee consumer will be presented, delving into their motivations, habits, and desires.

We’ll also explore new perspectives on merchandising at grocery, consider examples from craft beer and wine, and re-envision the retail experience.

Delegates can look forward to varied perspectives, engaging discussions, and joining some of the most thoughtful and committed coffee professionals in shaping the future of the industry.

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