Coffee techno-geeks needed for the 24th Annual SCAA Event!

Are you planning on attending the 2012 SCAA Event in Portland, Oregon?  Do you consider yourself ‘above average’ when it comes to using mobile technology?  Would you like a way to offset your registration fees?

Well then, you might just be a perfect candidate for the App Squad!

For the first time ever, the SCAA will be launching a free Expo app for our upcoming show in Portland and we’re looking for a team of techie volunteers to be our own “Geek Squad” and help technology impaired attendees access and understand the app.  If you love technology and socializing, this will definitely be a fun volunteer position!

The App Squad will function as knowledgeable, friendly experts who will help anyone not familiar with the process of downloading and using an app.  We want to make sure everyone who attends has the chance to test out our app regardless of experience level.  Here’s the full volunteer position description:

The App Squad (Some Bi-lingual Volunteers Needed)

The App Squad will be a group of techie volunteers who will ‘mingle’ at key events and hang  out in high traffic areas and offer to help attendees download and figure out how to use the  new SCAA Event app.  Their objective will be to maximize app downloads and be a source of information and assistance to anyone who isn’t familiar with how to use an app.  It’s very important that you be a people person, and enjoy chatting people up about technology.  A brief but mandatory pre-event webinar will be offered to all App Squad volunteers prior to The Event to help familiarize them with the actual SCAA Event app. 

  • Must have above average user familiarity with iOS / Droid and/or Blackberry smart phone.  
  • Must have above average user familiarity with iOS / Droid and/or Blackberry apps and the ability to explain the process of downloading an app to another attendee
  • Must understand how to use a QR code to access a link via a smart phone 
  • Must be upbeat and a pro at customer service-you’ve got to like helping people!
  • Must be willing to wear a super cool App Squad t-shirt while ‘on the clock’. (t-shirt is free  and will be provided to you)

If you’re interested, you can apply to participate in the app squad during your registration process and someone will follow up with you on next steps.

The 2012 SCAA Event app is proudly sponsored by Bunn.