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We are pleased to introduce the new online version of our magazine, The Specialty Coffee Chronicle. With the Digital Edition, subscribers can read Specialty Coffee Chronicle articles, access web-only content and videos, and get valuable insights from leaders in our industry. The Chronicle Digital Edition is your source for all things specialty coffee, at the tip of your fingers.

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With the online version of The Specialty Coffee Chronicle, you get the same in-depth articles as the printed version but with unique features such as:

• Access to content from your computer, phone or tablet
• User-friendly navigation and no downloading required
• The ability to link to articles on Facebook and other networking sites
• Easy navigation to links for advertisers & websites listed in articles
• Real-time commentary and interaction with other subscribers
• Categorization of articles by theme and topic, as well as by issue


The Specialty Coffee Chronicle is published by the SCAA as a forum for discussion and information on coffee industry topics and issues.

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