Espresso Supply Brings Roasters & Baristas Together

We wanted to take a moment to thank Espresso Supply for their support at the recent Roasters Guild Retreat. Their underwriting helped send two baristas to Roasters Guild Retreat, Julie Housh (BGA EC member) and Bryan Duggan from Counter Culture Coffee.

“We try to choose our sponsorships to provide the biggest impact for the participants” stated Laura Sommers of Espresso Supply. “That can take the form of providing smallwares so that the tools are in place for maximum learning or providing baristas as we did for Retreat.”

These baristas supported the RG Espresso Annex by engaging with the Roaster Community about espresso and coffee beverage preparation while making delicious coffee for attendees. Both guilds are taking huge steps in forming better lines of communication between the roaster and barista groups. They continue to develop more educational and social programs to further enhance the roaster barista relationship.