SCAA Announces New Dates for Origin Trip to Brazil!

SCAA Origin Trip to Brazil
October 16 – 22, 2011

This trip is timed so participants can witness the stunning beauty and fragrance of the coffee flowering. While we can’t guarantee the trees will be in bloom, there is an excellent chance so we’re keeping our fingers crossed! Regardless, this trip will be a rewarding learning opportunity. We’ll cup a host of new crop coffees from a variety of coffee producers, from small farmers to estate owners to cooperatives–and of course, we’ll meet and interact with the growers to discuss their practices in depth. We will also go deeper into scientific and technical advancements that will have a dramatic impact on quality, labor issues, and environmental sustainability in Brazil. As always, we’ll enjoy fabulous dinners and town visits so participants can experience Brazilian culture while deepening their knowledge of the coffee industry.

Education objectives:
• Provide a comprehensive overview of the Brazilian coffee market, the largest producing country in the world and soon to become the largest consuming country in the world.
• Explore factors related to quality management, supply chain structure, and social/environmental issue that relate to a strengthened value proposition for customers.
• Understand the range of coffees available from Brazil, tasting various types, processing methods, and quality levels.

Hosted by the Brasilian Specialty Coffee Association
Discussions led and facilitated by SCAA Deputy Director, Tracy Ging

$895 early / member
$1095 early / non-member
$1095 regular / member
$1295 regular / non-member

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