Member Visit to Paper or Plastik Cafe | June 10, 2011

Told by SCAA’s Membership Coordinator, Maria Hill

Today we visit Paper or Plastik Cafe located in West Los Angeles. The first thing that makes this cafe stand out for me is the name, why paper or plastik? Well, who better to answer that than the owner:

“One night, I was reluctantly sent to Ralph’s Supermarket to buy some emergency groceries. The huge space was very quiet, devoid of customers, and it somehow made me feel very lonely. Suddenly, after sleepily playing the cashier, I heard a voice from behind me, ‘Paper or Plastic?’ I slowly turned my head to see a beautiful young girl smiling at me and asking again, ‘Paper or Plastic?’ And at that moment I said to her, ‘What a beautiful name for a coffee shop.’”

And what a beautiful coffee shop it turned out to be! The decor of the shop is simple and welcoming: exposed brick walls, wood tables and benches with comfy pillows, and beautiful display glass display cases showing off delicious baked offerings. Probably the most unique feature of the cafe is that it is attached The Dancers Studio, also owned by the same people as the cafe. On days when dance rehearsal is going on music from the piano trickles over and you can take the stairs to the 2nd floor to peek through the windows that overlook the dance space, a great accompaniment to your caffeinated experience. I personally enjoyed this experience today with a latte and some El Salvador drip prepared on the pour over (thanks to the awesome baristas Ben and Andrea!).

The cafe has cultivated a friendly community feeling from helpful baristas that will help you decide what drink is right for your mood to hosting local cultural events at the cafe. Artistically rich with a comfortable feeling of belonging Paper or Plastik likes to say “We are not just serving coffee. We’re serving a lifestyle.” A lifestyle we are glad to have as a part of our coffee community!