SCAA Instructor Development Program (IDP) and Lead Instructor Credential

You may have heard that all Lead Instructors at SCAA’s annual Event will be required to have completed the Instructor Development Program (IDP), thus earning the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential. You may, however, not know exactly what this means or how to go about getting it. The following information will outline the process and help you get a better sense of the importance of this program.

The SCAA relies heavily on volunteers to make The Event a success, and SCAA Lead Instructors are one of the most crucial categories of volunteers. Industry professionals from around the world have recognized that giving back to the community in this way can be rewarding and valuable to both the instructor and the student. You may have a level of expertise in the industry that makes you a perfect candidate to lead one of the SCAA Skill-Building Courses, but subject expertise does not automatically make for an effective instructor. This is what the Instructor Development Program aims to do: identify industry experts and train them how to communicate what they know to a group of people who want to learn. If you feel you have something to give back to the coffee community, becoming an SCAA Lead Instructor is one of the best ways to get involved.

Participants who attend the Instructor Development Program (Part I) qualify for the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential, which entitles one to become a Lead Instructor or Assistant Instructor at SCAA events, pending approval by the SCAA Professional Development Committee. Furthermore, the Lead Instructor Credential is an extremely useful skill set for those professionals with training responsibilities in their companies. There is no obligation to teach at SCAA events upon achieving the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential. Look for those instructors wearing the gold pins at SCAA events to recognize those who have completed the requirements for the credential.

With your participation in this program, attendees of SCAA’s skill-building courses at The Event, Roasters Guild Retreat, and Regional Skill-Building Workshops (SBW) have the opportunity to be trained by skilled professionals who have not only coffee skills, but also skills in managing classrooms, designing and leading PowerPoint presentations, and applying principles of adult learning and instructional design. This brings tremendous value to SCAA courses. Conversely, attendees of the IDP have the opportunity for immediate impact in their own companies. The SCAA Lead Instructor Credential brings professionalism to any trainer’s qualifications, but also provides real skills that are a benefit to any business.

IDP (Part II) is an optional addition for those who also wish to participate in the SCAA Professional Development Committee. This session is conducted annually at the SCAA Leadership Summit, which takes place every year in the fall in the city of our upcoming Event.

IDP (Part I) is offered regionally throughout the year.