SCAA Now Offers BMI Music Licensing

We have a new and exciting opportunity for our members! It’s no secret that good music and good coffee go hand in hand when creating that perfect coffee shop ambiance. As such, we are partnering with BMI to save SCAA member companies 30% or more on BMI licensing fees. The package would include access to BMI’s more than 6.5 million musical works.

According to SCAA Executive Director, Ric Rhinehart, “in addition to offering an exceptional cup of coffee, specialty coffee operators provide an experience reflective of the dedication and craft.” He continues, “In that way, music is a natural complement and integral part of what attracts coffee drinkers to specialty. We are delighted to work with BMI and make this pairing more accessible to our members.”

This program applies to SCAA company members in good standing that are licensed on the BMI License for Specialty Coffee Shops only. This offer is currently available to retailers within the United States only. For more information on licensing terms, pricing, and to purchase your license, please visit the SCAA store.